The Power of Data: Accelerating Digital Transformation
& Connected Customer Experiences.

Learn how Salesforce Communities can maximize customer data to fast track digital transformation and drive new opportunities and strategic insights.

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About this Webinar

During Covid-19, it has become clear that enterprises of all sizes need to improve their digital presence. Customers are demanding experiences that are simple, seamless, and consistent across all channels.

As the world becomes increasingly customer-centric, placing importance on the needs of the customer is now a priority. This is the same whether you are a B2C or B2B company. Smooth onboarding, fast responses, easy case resolution, and the ability to offer communities and portals to share information and knowledge are a must.

Digital Transformation isn't easy. To put a successful program in place, it’s vital to consider and transform not only customer-facing front-end processes but also back-end processes.

What You Will Learn:

Pexlify will discuss how Salesforce Communities can improve end-to-end customer experiences and enhance your omni-channel strategy. And at the heart of this strategy is 'Customer Data'.

In this webinar, Aishling Finnegan, Digital Transformation Officer at Conga, explores how to create a truly connected customer experience across all channels. Learn how to fast track your Digital Transformation Program by climbing the DX Maturity Curve to Digital Transformation success.

To meet customer expectations and improve internal processes, it's crucial to start strategising your Digital Transformation plan and focus on driving real business outcomes and opportunities.

Focusing on automation and enhanced workflows, we'll examine how the impact not only benefits customer-facing teams but also back-office operations.

Finally, we chat with Alex Bender, Global Head of Broker & Client Relationship Management at Allianz Care, how customer data and Salesforce Communities are helping them navigate and execute on their digital transformation journey.

By leveraging your customer data and having it accessible across one centralised platform, we'll showcase how companies can begin to unlock and drive new opportunities and insights.


Host: Colm Barry

Hear from digital-savvy industry leaders who have over 40 years of combined experience driving and accelerating transformation projects across numerous sectors and organisations.

Lee Clark

Aishling Finnegan

Alexander Bender

Head of Marketing

Director, UK Sales & Alliances

Digital Transformation Officer

Global Head of Broker & Client Relationship Management

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